Our Puppies At Home

 "Lainey's" new family updated me once they got home. Safe to say she is very happy and her owners are too😉💕 Congratulations Brian & Katherine! I'm glad you love her❤️

My heart is so full. THIS is why I love what I do. A very sweet lady purchased "Lucy" (Finley) from us a few months ago and she shared these photos with me today. She looks darling as ever & happy💕 

We love our Pine Meadow Pup! 😊

I think River (Mojo) is happy with his new family💕🐾

A little update on Piper! We love this pup! She went from being very shy and quiet to the most sassy little puppy ever.  LOL.

She always lets us know when it's been too long since we have played with yer. I'm also pretty sure she's the smartest puppy I've ever met. She learned to sit and lay down within 20 minutes and was potty trained in about two weeks.  She fits our little family just perfect!

Pine Meadow Pups

Pine River, Minnesota