About Us

My husband and I share the same passion for animals, and we are very fortunate to have the business that we do! Our facility is located just a few miles north of Pine River, MN. We live on a very quiet, secluded 5 acres and we are surrounded by miles of state land that we take all of our dogs on often to explore the trails and the lakes that are hidden back there! 

Our facility is very clean and comfortable for our dogs, and we keep it nice and toasty for them in the winter with our outdoor wood boiler for those chilly MN nights!

We treat all of our dogs like family and we love on them unconditionally! We give them the best of care and they get spoiled beyond measure.


                                            Our Dogs

"Sophie" is a Shitzhu/Bichon, otherwise known as a "Shichon." She is 2 years old and has a heart of gold. She has a very loyal personality and loves to be by your side all the time. She is a great mom to her pups and she always puts a smile on our faces.

"Roxy" is a black and white purebred Shitzhu. She is 3 years old and has a very timid and sweet personality, all traits in which she has passed on to her puppies. She is a very quiet and calm mama and she is happiest snuggled up on the couch with her mom and dad.

"Stella" is a "Shihpoo." She is actually a mix of 3 breeds, meaning she is known as a "Daisy Dog." Stella is a mix of Shitzu, Bichon, and miniature poodle. She has a very calm and sweet personality and loves all of the attention that we give her!

"Hank" is our red miniature poodle. He is the father to alot of the puppies we raise and the puppies he produces are very popular because of their outstanding colors. He is a very sweet dog and we are very proud to own him!



Health and nutrition is very important at Pine Meadow.  We feed Life's Abundance pet products. There are so many reasons why we have chosen this food. Check out this link to read about food that is made in small batches, shipped fresh directly to customer, contains absolutely no corn or wheat glutens, but does include prebiotic fiber and guaranteed probiotics for good digestion and overall health.

Follow this link to see that it is on the list of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED dry dog foods by Dog Food Advisor.

Pine Meadow Pups

Pine River, Minnesota